I have never traveled internationally before. After working on the Chapter 15 Plan Ahead project, I realized how difficult planning a trip abroad for both personal travel and business travel could be. For me, the most challenging part of international travel is coordinating all of the accommodations and aligning the time frames in which to travel in. There are so many different factors at work when planning and coordinating a trip aboard. You have to prepare flight tickets, hotel accommodations, meal reservations (or research where you would want to go so you have a good idea before you get there), transportation accommodations and reservations for when you arrive in the foreign country, and ensure that you have all the contact information necessary in case you have any questions or need assistance once you arrive. At the same time, you have to work with a different time zone and other arriving and departing times if using transportation outside of a taxi service.

I can completely understand how things can go wrong or become out of one’s control when traveling abroad. I believe the most important thing to remember is to prepare in advance as best as possible and to be flexible once you get there.