I’ve been a career student for sometime now, pushing close to a decade taking college courses and narrowing my focus to what I love to do and how to optimize that in a career field. I had the opportunity to work as an associate financial representative for a few financial representatives where I performed clerical and administrative support duties on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoyed working with clients through the whole sales cycle process, and being able to support them in their decision making on the products that would secure their families. I left the position to pursue my degree in what I’ve narrowed to an A.A.S in Business Management in a specialization of Administrative Support Technology. I decided to take AST 243 this spring semester so that I could get a solid introduction into the field of office management and administrative support. The education so far that the book and the course provides is an excellent manual on how to properly become an administrative support person. During my reading I have already noted several instances where I could have improved my position better and my client relations. I hope to learn much more on how to become a more effective, support administrative team member, and understand how to best use the skills I already have and improve upon them so that they are as versatile as the business world is.